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Udemy is the world's largest place to study. Over 55 million active students are using Udemy. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn and teach in a dynamic environment. Udemy courses teach you how to put into practice a variety of skills and information. It offers over 65,000 courses. This platform is currently powered by industry experts, educators, and enthusiasts creating a wide range of courses.

If you've been thinking about buying or selling an online course, Udemy has most likely stumbled upon your radar. This is by far the most popular place to buy online courses and the quality is usually pretty decent. What's more, as a consumer, you can check ratings and reviews to filter out unwanted information.

There are several ways in which today's potential educators can start selling their knowledge online. You can give your students lifetime access to your courses in markets like Coursera or udacity, or create a website where you pass on new skills to your clients on a weekly basis. The course creation tools available on the Internet enable companies to use the tools to release course content that are best suited to their needs.


Udemy is a so-called Massively Open Online Courses or MOOC website. Unlike Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi and similar tools, Udemy does not ask users to create their website and courses they want to sell from scratch. Anyone is free to create and promote course content on Udemy, and all included courses have access to video tutorials and 'modules'.

Building a great course with Udemy is all about making it easy to learn the specific course you want to sell. The builder that comes with the system ensures that you can quickly create your course content and offer a legitimate learning experience to a wide variety of students.

Since Udemy allows anyone to publish courses, it is very easy to create an Udemy account and start generating income potentially. As with Skillshare, your courses will be showcased alongside other learning opportunities to a wide audience. Remember to remind your clients that they can approach your lessons at their own pace.


Another point worth mentioning in this Udemy review is how easy it is for your customers to find your content. In a database of over 65,000 courses, content is easily lost. For example, when you create your course, you can target the specific type of student you want to attract by answering questions such as:

  • What can students achieve by taking your course?
  • Who should take this course?
  • What tools and knowledge will your student need?
  • Udemy will then post your lessons to the appropriate "Categories" pages on its website.

For both educators and students, the Marketplace search tool is very intuitive. Of course, it is important to make sure that you add a very informative and keyword-rich description to your lesson if you want to attract as many students as possible. Udemy will already have a lot of competition for most educators.

When students search for courses by category, they also see Featured Courses, which are the most popular and highly rated courses on the Udemy platform. The best way to make sure you get to this section is to track your participation in the course and work on optimizing the description and content as often as possible.

The fact that it is so easy to browse content according to its rating, popularity, topic, etc. also means that you have more ways to track your competitors. It is recommended that you regularly evaluate some of the most popular and popular courses in your sector to see what you need to do to improve your chances of success.

For example, is there information you can offer that is not found in other courses? Will the lessons make it more engaging by adding video content to the lessons? Could you consider bringing in a guest speaker to give your campaign more thought leadership?


Customer Support

New to the world of online courses? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely need support. After all, even if you have a teaching history, you probably didn't spend a lot of time sharing your skills online. Udemy offers many ways to get the help you need. On the website, you will find an FAQ section where you can learn more about how to become a premium instructor, upgrade your course, and even make more money through training. You can also refine your search for help by clicking on different segments in the Udemy Knowledge Base, including:

  • Course management
  • Trust and safety
  • Quality standards
  • Payments
  • Course building
  • Sale and promotion

Clicking on any of these options will take you to a series of in-depth articles and tutorials that you can use to answer most of your questions. For more guidance, Udemy has a global community of instructors you can connect to. Instructor Forums allow you to ask questions and receive information from other teachers like you who have learned to use Udemy correctly over time.

StudioU is the official place to ask questions and introduce yourself as a new teacher. On the other hand, if you are a published instructor and just want to chat with others like you, you can visit the published instructor club.

If you don't like any of the DIY help options, you can always submit a request for expert help from the Udemy team using a support ticket.

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