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SiteGround is regarded as one of best and most functional web hosting services in the world. It provides all hosting plans at very affordable prices and for their features like built-in WP caching, auto-refresh, one-click staging, and CDN. SiteGround is officially a WordPress recommended hosting provider company. This way, you don't have to worry about hosting support.


Signing up with SiteGround is a simple, wizard-style 3 step process. We found it to be relatively easy and quick. You start by choosing a service level on one of the pages on the company's website. Next, select the domain you want. On the next screen, you have enter your billing and contact information. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a link directly to your account dashboard. Compared to some other providers, the landing page for your SiteGround account is sparse and consists of a banner inviting you to migrate your existing website or a nice post, some great tips and recent blog posts.

All your tools are available from the menu:

  • Websites. Reresents domains and websites you have configured. There is also a tab for viewing any sites that you are set up as a co-author, as well as a button to create a new site in the upper right corner.
  • Services. There are two tabs in this section: Hosting, where you can add, remove and manage your hosting plans, and Domains, where you can do the same for domain names.
  • Billing. Billing has three subsections. Payment Details is where you set up your billing information, Payment History shows past transactions, and Updates shows upcoming expiration dates for both Services and Domains so you can re-execute them.
  • Referrals. This section contains details of the Referral Program available on SiteGround in exchange for hosting credits, and the My Referrals tab will list any of the ones you've made. On the other hand, you can also try to earn commissions by signing people to SiteGround by submitting an application in the Become an Affiliate tab.
  • Marketplace. This tab contains things that you can buy from SiteGround, mainly domain and hosting services. There are also Affiliate Benefits sections which contain some introductory suggestions from SiteGround partners such as the WordPress form builder wpforms or the WeWork Collaboration Network.

The listing of your first site in the Websites section shows a Finish button and that deserves some attention. You have created a site by registering your account with SiteGround, but you will need to go through another short wizard to actually set up this site.
The main features of SiteGround are not that different from other web hosts. What sets Stiground apart is how good all the different tools are shown and organized. Web hosting is a tricky task, and to make sure all bases are covered, it is easy for providers to put together a jumble of administrative tools that are difficult to navigate.
Not so with SiteGround. All admin tools, both at the account level and at the site level, are logically organized. It's also easy to figure out how to switch between them: account tools follow “main menu item, then tabs,” and site-level tools are in the left menu and submenus.

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