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Hostinger is one of the best and most popular hosting services in the world. To get an idea of Hostinger's scale, here are some numbers: The company currently has around 30 million customers in the US, UK, India, Indonesia and over 170 other countries (almost worldwide!). And they are not going to slow down yet - just the opposite! Currently Hostinger continues to expand at a rate of 1 client every 5 seconds. Right now, Hostinger is hosting websites on high-performance hardware in multiple datacenters around the world in the US, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia. In the near future, it is planned to open another data center for Eastern Europe.

Before diving into the details, let's clarify another key concept - the server. In other words, it is a specialized computer that stores websites and displays them to your online visitors.

Any hosting is a collection of servers, or powerful computers, that are optimized to stay online 24/7/365 and show your website to anyone who enters its address into their browser. Thus, servers are essentially the main components of any hosting service, and they can be used in different ways depending on the client's requirements and budget.


Hostinger's official website offers several types of hosting, each with multiple hosting plans. Yes, with such a choice, it is difficult to settle on one, given that depending on the plan, various additional services and functions can also be provided free of charge.

Hostinger allows you to register domain names for free, but it should be borne in mind that such a function is available under certain conditions:

  • The free domain offer applies only to the first purchases of Premium and Business tariff plans.
  • At the time of ordering, you need to select a rate for at least a year in order to activate this promotion.
  • After the end of the free period, the domain name will be automatically renewed at the regular price.

If you already use Hostinger hosting, you can buy various popular domain extensions for an almost symbolic price. At this price at the moment are available the following domain areas: .online, .website, .store, .techand .xyz

And if you already have a domain name, you can always transfer it to Hostinger hosting. However, experience shows that buying a domain and hosting from the same provider is a much simpler solution - paying for everything in one place, and, frankly, the process of linking an external domain to your hosting can be quite problematic.


So, after a detailed review of Hostinger hosting services, let's list the positive points:

  • Any client has a lot to choose from - from individuals and small businesses (shared hosting) to large companies (cloud hosting) and professional programmers (VPS hosting).
  • Uptime guaranteed 99.9% of the time - essentially, Hostinger promises that your site will be online at all times. This figure corresponds to a maximum of 44 minutes of downtime per month, and from our experience of use, this is 0 minutes of downtime.
  • With the purchase of a 12-month hosting package, you can get a free domain name.
  • An easy-to-use, unique admin panel designed by the Hostinger team specifically for the company's clients.
  • The ability to install WordPress in just a few clicks using the Auto Installer feature in the admin panel.
  • A wide range of educational resources for using Hostinger products are available free of charge to all customers.
  • First-class support team: friendly, responsive, ready to help you 24/7.

After a careful theoretical and practical study of Hostinger services, we can conclude that its services are definitely worth considering for your web project : value for money, simplicity, ease of use and responsive support are all you need to successfully create and manage your site.

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