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GoDaddy is the largest public domain registrar in the world. Many geographic server locations, national versions of the site for most major markets, low prices for all services make working with Godeddy attractive for many users. In addition to the initial low-cost shared hosting plan, GoDaddy offers attractive plans that provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


GoDaddy offers a wide set of services for hosting sites and applications:

  • Shared hosting (basic and for business sites).
  • WordPress pricing with optimized infrastructure.
  • Dedicated servers on Linux and Windows.
  • VPS

There are a couple solutions available for hosting management: cPanel and Parallels Plesk. The classic cPanel on GoDaddy has acquired a slightly more modern design, but the main advantages of the panel remain that it's functional, flexible and intuitive.

cPanel is a classic. Not the most stylish, not the most intuitive, but perhaps the most visual and functional, which explains its immense popularity around the world. Usually, each provider has a slightly different cPanel interface, and is no exception: the panel's appearance has been made more modern, modules for quick installation and launch of applications, shortcuts to billing, extended statistics, etc. have been added. cPanel's customization options are quite extensive and allow you to create anything from it. But even a novice user can easily figure out all its settings.

According to information disclosed by the company in 2014 during its initial public offering, GoDaddy has 37,000 servers located in 9 data centers around the world. The company owns only one center; it is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The rest of the infrastructure is leased by the company from wholesale providers. Location: Los Angeles, Chicago, Virginia, Amsterdam, Singapore. To speed up the delivery of content, CDN technology is also used.

Getting your website up and running with GoDaddy is easy, as your account settings will help you get a hassle-free WordPress installation. You can create a basic WordPress site that is up and running in minutes after creating an account.

GoDaddy has its own website builder called GoCentral. GoCentral can create basic websites in a very simple way. All GoCentral plans have a very streamlined website creation process that allows you to create a website in a matter of minutes. It's intuitive and easy to use, this website builder does feel somewhat restrictive, but I've seen much worse and significantly more expensive website building tools.

GoDaddy is renowned for its great deals. More often than not, you can get ridiculously cheap starter packs. Best of all, low prices for GoDaddy hosting can almost always be found as the hosting has a very strong marketing team that knows how to attract new customers. Main advantages of Go Daddy are large cloud platform, bonus system, wide selection of basic and additional services, stability and fast loading speeds.


If this is your first time using the GoDaddy service, you just need to create a new account to gain access to management. To do this, follow the "Registration" link at the very top of the site and fill out a simple form. Be warned, GoDaddy has higher password requirements, so you can't get by with your cat's name. After successfully filling out the form, you can immediately go to your personal account. For the first time, you will be asked to take a small survey - you can simply close this window, it does not oblige you to anything. That's it, now you are a registered user and you can connect services.

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