Choose Best ONLINE VIDEO COURSE - Dec 2022

How to Choose the Perfect ONLINE VIDEO COURSE?

Saving money on education fees, listening to lectures by famous professors, getting advanced training at leading universities in the world, using extensive electronic libraries or participating in a webinar - all this becomes available through distance learning.

We will try to present a brief overview of the benefits of various ONLINE VIDEO COURSES:

Udemy is a distance learning portal characterized by a wide coverage of various areas of knowledge, ranging from academic social sciences and humanities to the development of mobile applications. Users have access to over 60,000 diverse online courses (both paid and free), a rich selection of expert teachers with a unique approach to learning, as well as the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Using the Udemy service allows you to learn from scratch or fill gaps in knowledge. Here you find good courses to improve your programming skills in Android, Python, C++ and others programming languages.

In addition, anyone can become a teacher within the portal: to do this, you need to choose a topic of study, create a course, and then promote it among students, sharing knowledge with students and earning money, or distributing it absolutely free. When developing, authors have the opportunity to upload audio and video, presentations and various files, as well as use interactive whiteboards for discussion.

Lynda is a paid online training service primarily in the direction of IT and design. The service was founded in 1995 and in 2015 it was purchased by Linkedin.

Lynda works by subscription. Although part of the courses are available free of charge without registration, the main share is available only after a subscription cost of $ 22 / month. To get acquainted with the functionality of Lynda, a 10-day trial version with full access to the entire library is offered. Favorite courses can be added to playlists. The courses themselves are structured by chapters, and on the main page there is a brief description, a link to the lecturer's profile and other necessary information.
In general, the service is pleased with the structure, user-friendly interface and high quality material.

Coursera is a successfully developing online educational project open to students from all over the world. Here you can learn from world-class professors in more than 400 different courses, as Coursera partners with leading universities and organizations in the world.
The main goal pursued by Coursera is to make education affordable, that is, to give people from all over the world the opportunity to learn from the best teachers without leaving their homes.

One of the main principles of the online project is the use of interactive learning technologies that involve active interaction between teachers and students, as well as between students and their peers. Studying in Coursera, you will not only get new knowledge but also join the global community of students, among which you will definitely find friends and like-minded people.

Edx is a multiple course-holding, online learning platform where students can learn skills that benefit them in their personal or professional lives. It was founded in 2012 by a few scientists from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Just over a year later, the platform already had over a million users.

Edx participates in vocational education courses, offers exclusive services for secondary schools, works with some large companies (for example, Microsoft) and pays special attention so people can learn "anytime and anywhere."
As you can probably see, edX doesn't stay in one place - the company has set itself the goal of becoming one of the world's leading websites for massive open online courses (MOOC).

Skillshare is a learning community for creators. They started not so long ago, but already now there are a lot of courses on design, photography, video filming, the basics of layout, illustration, game design, brand building, even cooking. Mostly master classes of creative disciplines.

Why are they good? The service is paid ($ 15 per month, the first month is free) and the authors accordingly make a profit. Courses in English, without subtitles, to each author writes a task that you can do on the basis of what was viewed. Although it is difficult to call courses, it is rather an hour and a half video workshops on any topic. Each part is divided into parts of about 10 minutes, that is, without a three-hour introductory monologue, everything is essentially the most important and applied. Everyone has an introductory video, which, as a rule, it is clear whether to watch the course or not. There are already convenient applications for iPhone and iPad, with the ability to download the necessary courses for offline viewing.

Codecademy allows you to familiarize yourself with programming languages such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, HTML + CSS markup language and various APIs. The theory is written accessible and will be understood even by a beginner.
The site designers designed a very convenient learning environment: on the left, there are instructions for the task, in the center there is a place for your codebook, and at the top is a window for admiring the results. First, you study a small section with theoretical material and then proceed to the tasks.

Codecademy teaches the basics and principles of programming using popular languages.
The tasks themselves are very simple, sometimes even primitive, and are perfect for beginners. Under all tasks there are tips for their implementation. For each course, there is a forum where students ask their questions on assignments or simply communicate.The site offers several practical courses (Web Projects, APIs). For example, you can draw a rotating Earth around the Sun using HTML / CSS, create an interactive animation or a game on Javascript.

Codecademy is not tied to time, and with good motivation, you can complete your favorite course in a few days.
Professionals will not be interested in taking Codecademy courses, but they can write their own course, helping millions of people master programming.

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