Choose Best Hosting - May 2024

Choosing and reviewing hosting - this is a task that every website owner decides.

Therefore, we created a ranking of hosting providers for webmasters to facilitate the selection. It is from the hosting (where your site will be physically located) will depend on the speed and stability of the work, attendance and search output. A particular attention to the choice of hosting should be given to companies and organizations that have a website for business as an important source of revenue and attract customers, and perhaps the main one!

Before selecting a provider, you should read the ratings of various companies, read reviews. This is not always easy, because each provider tries to tell about itself, as the most relevant. Perfect Hosting comes to help ordinary users and webmasters. On this page you can get acquainted with the services of various Internet enterprises and evaluate the possibilities of each of them. The results of the rating of hosting providers and the cost of services can be found directly on the website in the table below. Also, users will be able to get reviews and tariffs with prices for choosing the best provider.

In our rating - the best hostings of the USA and Europe:


overall rating


disk space

user review

9.9 / 10
100 GB
9.8 / 10
10 GB
9.7 / 10
500 MB*
9.6 / 10
25 GB
9.6 / 10
10 GB
9.5 / 10

∞ *

9.4 / 10
50 GB
9.3 / 10
50 GB
9.2 / 10

9.0 / 10
100 GB
8.8 / 10
5 GB
8.5 / 10
5 GB
8.2 / 10
15 GB
8.0 / 10
100 GB*
7.9 / 10

7.8 / 10
50 GB
7.6 / 10
50 GB
7.4 / 10

7.2 / 10
100 GB
7.0 / 10
50 GB

Recommendations when choosing a hosting:

  • Hosting provider must be in the country, where the maximum influx of visitors will follow. If your site is focused on the USA, then you can see the hosting of USA, if Australia is hosted by Australia, if in Germany or the Netherlands, then hosting Europe. This criterion is relevant for most sites when the response speed from the server should be high. In a small number of cases, the remoteness of the provider will not affect the operation of the site.
  • You do not need to pay for hosting in advance for several years. If the quality of services does not suit you, and you want to change the provider, you will not receive any money for the remaining time. First, pay in a month, or ask for a test period to verify the site.
  • It is better to buy unlimited hosting. Read what is written in the rules in small print. Several sites hosted on the same hosting can create an overload, and you will be politely asked to go to a dedicated server.
  • Do not need to be led to a free domain as a gift. Such domains are registered with the provider. Thinking about moving, you have to shell out for the domain. At best, the provider will force to pay its full cost, at worst - it will scrape off like a sticky.

Choosing the type of hosting services from the offered levels.

  1. Cloud virtual hosting shared (cloud VPS). The opportunities here are limited, but if the project does not require a lot of resources, this option is quite suitable.
  2. VIP hosting on a shared server. Here the client is given more server capacity. If you do not yet consider the possibility of administering a dedicated server, and your site is resource-intensive, use this type of service.
  3. VPS hosting. Virtual private server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). Here the hoster has a powerful server with a virtualization system. The physical server is divided into separate virtual servers. Your server settings are available to you. The restriction is its resources, which depend on the type of tariff plan. You will also need administrative skills or a third-party administrator.
  4. Dedicated hosting service. Here you control the physical server. Of the limitations - the channel's capabilities.

Introduction to the control panel.

Beginners are recommended "cPanel" or "DirectAdmin". If you change the hoster, choose the management system that you already worked with.

Having done the described steps, you will cut off the wrong hosting providers, it remains only to make a choice of hosting for your site.

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